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Residential and commercial clients have come to rely on Fowler-Orf Moving Co. when they are in search of reliable Yukon moving companies with temporary storage.

Not every client has the luxury of making a clean move, where they can move their stuff from one home or office directly to another. In many cases, they experience a period of time where they are in limbo. This is why our team stands as one of the leading moving companies with storage options in Yukon OK.

Here at Fowler-Orf Moving Co., we provide our clients with climate-controlled storage solutions, giving them the needed space to store belongings, either temporarily or indefinitely.

Looking for moving companies with temporary storage in Yukon OK?

You have come to the right place. Since opening for business in 1967, Fowler-Orf Moving has specialized in this, and every other moving service imaginable. Our team can do anything from provide you with packing materials and a moving checklist to packing up, transporting and unloading all of your belongings.

As one of the few Yukon moving companies with storage options, we’re able to cater to the scheduling needs and timeline of a wide range of residential and commercial clients. This ensures that we will be able to execute a stress-free, efficient move.

Yukon moving companies with temporary storage that is safe and secure

Having the peace of mind that your belongings are secured is very important to our clients. As one of the premier moving companies with storage options in Yukon OK, Fowler-Orf Moving Co. features a fully secured and protected storage facility, armed state-of-the-art security measures that will hold out any unwanted visitors.

Whether our licensed and insured movers are transporting your belongings, or they’re being stored in our facility, your things are always safe in our custody.

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