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Make your next move an easy one by investing in Fowler-Orf Moving Co. — one of the premier Oklahoma City packing and moving companies. Our licensed and experienced movers are ready to apply their decades worth of combined knowledge and experience to streamline your move.

About our packing and moving services in Oklahoma City OK

Fowler-Orf Moving provides comprehensive moving services — everything from transporting to temporary storage when you need it. You can rely on Fowler-Orf to pack up all of your belongings and prepare them for transport. This is a service that will save you hours, if not days, of preparation work for your move.

The team members behind our Oklahoma City packing and moving services will come to your home to assess the volume stuff that will need to be packed up and transported. We use highly effective packing materials and methods to ensure that everything — big or small — is protected during its trip.

We employ seasoned packers, who will know how to keep everything organized from the moment its packed away to when it arrives at the new destination to be unpacked and put away. By working with one of the leading packing and moving companies in Oklahoma City OK, you will create a stress-free, convenient moving experience where you get to focus on settling in your new home, rather than finding yourself up to your neck in empty boxes and packing materials.

Hand over the reins of your next move

Fowler-Orf is proud to serve as one of the leading Oklahoma City packing and moving companies since opening for business in 1967. Our family-owned company has executed thousands of moves for clients. This experience allows us to provide you with an effective experience that takes the hard work out of your move.

Through thorough preparation, hard-working team members and a dedication to client satisfaction, we’re confident you will be thrilled with our packing and moving services in Oklahoma City OK.

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Call in Fowler-Orf Moving Co. and we can take a look at your home and let you know what it will take to get it moved. Experience the benefits of one of the most formidable Oklahoma City packing and moving companies!

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